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Jerry Beller coached competitive basketball for twelve years. His teams won state championships, and he led four different squads to the national semi-finals. As a fitness instructor, nutritionist and health advocate, his books are proactive and focus on preventing diseases by developing healthier habits. Knowing 60-90 percent of communicable diseases are preventable, and that too many doctors have become drug pushers, Beller emphasizes natural prevention and cures. His knack for sorting through conflicting studies helps him pinpoint the most promising. Beller replaces medical jargon and breaks down complicated studies to simple everyday language. Instead of throwing out unsubstantiated claims, he documents his evidence and presents clear sources for verification or further study. Jerry wants to be somebody people can trust. In his words, he intends to be the "Walter Cronkite of medical research." His medical books are cheap, informative, easy to read, and might save or extend your life.


Jerry Beller also uses his initials JB to pen fiction books. Following his childhood hero, John Steinbeck, Beller started writing as a teenager. His favorite books as a child were Grapes of Wrath and To Kill a Mockingbird. He read both books a dozen times as a teen and compared them to the movies, learning from both formats. Like Steinbeck and Lee, Beller writes diverse fictional characters who brilliantly challenge the system or norms of the day. In his words, Beller writes fiction for the same reason he writes nonfiction: "When I'm gone, I want people to remember me as somebody who made the world a little better." That's also the goal of the protagonists in all his fiction books. 

GRANT BELLER - Dynamic Writing Duo

Jerry and his wife of 28 years, Nicola, live in Atlanta. Among their accomplishments, they've raised two children, a son, and a daughter. Jerry met Nicola while residing in Jamaica in the late eighties. Besides being happily married, they co-write Romantic Suspense novels under the pen name Grant Beller. Their books include Life, and Love, in the Searching for Happiness series. They write multicultural stories with diverse interracial characters. Their plots are well developed with lots of twists and turns, suspense, thrills, mystery and some clean romance.

JERRY BELLER - President of Indies Unite

Jerry Beller is president of Indies Unite, a global network of indie authors, musicians, filmmakers, and fans. Beller founded and is the former president of Author Alliance, one of the organizations under Indies Unite's umbrella. Beller's goal at Indies Unite is to work with journalists, bloggers, fans to help the best indie books, music and films to rise to the top.

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